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Established in 2015, it is a national high-tech enterprise. The R&D center and sales center are located in Bao'an District, Shenzhen, with an area of about 1500 square meters. The production base is located in Xiegang Town, Dongguan City, with a production area of about 13,000 square meters. In 2016, cooperated with Korea TECHLAND CO, LTD to establish ceramic coating research The institute focuses on the research, development, application and promotion of inorganic nanomaterials. In 2017, the third-generation curtain wall coating - water-based inorganic nano-ceramic coating was successfully developed. Widely used in subway, high-speed rail, light rail and other rail transportation fields; office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, stations, stadiums, exhibition halls, airports and other building decoration interior and exterior curtain walls.....

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Six advantages

  • Environmentally friendly

    Water-based paint, can achieve zero VOC. There is no harmful gas emission after construction, It is non-toxic and harmless to the environment and human body, and will not cause pollution

  • High scratch resistance

    High hardness,hot hardness (6-9H),high wear resistance (≥15.3/um)
  • Super long weather resistance

    High chemical resistance, solvent resistance, salt spray resistance. Tested in the lab. The QUV test results show that the weather resistance time is at least 30 years

  • Highly self-cleaning

    Eliminate static electricity, non-stick properties, not easy to generate static electricity, vacuuming, and natural washing by rain Purify, keep the facade of the curtain wall clean, save the cost of cleaning the curtain wall, and have a high degree of self-cleaning

  • Anti-fog and anti-bacteria

    Inorganic nano-materials, can be widely lasting, efficient sterilization and inhibition of bacterial growth, Reduce the amount of mold on the paint film surface

  • A1 class fire protection

    The coating film can withstand high temperature of 600 degrees continuously and does not produce any harmful gas or smoke birth and release. Non-combustible, A1 class fire protection



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